Jatayu Unmanned Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a Make in India UAS/RPAS company specializing in building custom drones for Defense and Civil clients since 2015. Jatayu has a strong brand name in the industry with tremendous experience in terms of specialized aerial missions and operations.

Expert Guidance

JATAYU DRONE ACADEMY provides expert guidance from experienced instructors who are well-versed in drone technology and regulations, ensuring students receive comprehensive training.

Industry-Standard Curriculum

The academy offers an industry-standard curriculum designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to operate drones safely and efficiently.

Hands-On Training

Students get hands-on training with drones, allowing them to practice flight maneuvers and learn how to handle various scenarios, preparing them for real-world situations.


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Our curriculum covers drone piloting, aerial photography and videography, mapping and surveying, drone maintenance, and advanced applications across various industries.


This course is one of its kinds conducted at JATAYU DRONE ACADEMY in Maharashtra by DGCA certified RPAS instructors and syllabus is designed as per DGCA guidelines.


Training Academy(in this case, Jatayu Drone Academy). The Drone Training Program is a 5-day course open to Indian passport holders above 18 years of age.


On completion of the course, the candidate shall be well equipped with the KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS and can take up any of the following activities.

Our Successful Training

From our rigorous planning to execution, we ensure training success.
Our tailored programs guarantee effective learning and skill development.
With dedication and expertise, we guide you to triumph in training.
Experience firsthand how our methods translate into successful training.

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About Our Training


Classification, categorization, and type certification of drones inform the intelligent flight modes and anatomy, including various parts of a drone, for effective emergency handling, while ensuring regulatory compliance and adherence to standards. Risk assessment and mitigation strategies guide applications and use cases across various industries.


Train drone pilots to safety and efficiently operate according to DGCA guidelines. Each UAS platform has a unique physics profile making for the most accurate flight physics of any commercially available drone simulator. Provision of a variety of environments and multi- disciplinary training modules to grow skills for any level of operator or industry setting.


Register with the authorities as a learner and for the theory exams. To understand sense of security, in conjunction with obstacle avoidance, which have negated progressive training as being a prerequisite to decent flying. Get the hang of reverse orientation when your drone is turned back 180 degrees and is facing you Adaptability to respond more quickly if something does go wrong while flying.


Identify & select different types of Drones and illustrate Fundamentals of Flight(Aerodynamics). Interpret DGCA Safety Regulations & observe safety guidelines, ATC procedures & Radio Telephony, Weather and meteorology as a Drone Pilot in flying a Drone. Identify & select different Airframes & Propellers in drone flying. Explain & apply knowledge of Power systems viz. Electric motors, Batteries, Chargers, Connectors etc in drone.


A ground control station is typically a software application, running on a ground-based computer, that communicates with your UAV via wireless telemetry. Displaying real-time data on the UAVS performance and position and can serve as a "virtual cockpit", showing many of the same instruments that you would have if you were flying a real plane. Controlling a UAV in flight, uploading new mission commands and setting parameters. Monitor the live video streams from a UAV's cameras.


Loss of Drone Control - Drone not responding to pilot's control or the aircraft is operating independently from the pilot's control. Pilot incapacitation should be avoided at all cost by using systems such as the 'IMSAFE' model, however, incidents can occur. Loss of GPS - You can get it to fly back home through the RTH button, look for it manually, check the last known coordinates, or check the drone's telemetry information on your controller.


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